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How “Mama’s Boys” Become Men

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I had dinner last night with a highly successful man who didn’t meet his father until he was 10. Now at 47, he can count on one hand the number of times he has engaged with him. I was instantly drawn to this question: How in the world as a fatherless young man, a black […]

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Keeping Intimacy Alive in our Relationships

Photo by Josh Felise

I just finished watching The Duke of Burgundy, an independent film that unfolds like a cinematic orgy between Peter Strickland, Danny Boyle, and Stanley Kubrick. And if you aren’t familiar with these guys perhaps you’ve seen Boyle’s mind-bending films like Sunshine and Trance, and I’m almost certain you’ve heard of Kubrick’s Eye’s Wide Shut or […]

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Is it Time to Get Rid of the Booty Shorts?

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Spring cleaning time mamas! I’m 36. Single mom to two. And I need to know: Is it TIME to get rid of the “booty” shorts? In this vid I’m offering up some great tips for closet purging thanks to Head Over Heels With Melanie and challenging you to stop, drop, and purge:) Comment below and […]

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The Upside of Single Motherhood

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Anytime I feel the burn of single motherhood, I think about some of my married friends, namely the ones who wear a constipated frown on their face, ALL of the time. You can just feel their inner turmoil – their certainty of not being able to handle another minute waging against the possibility of an […]

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3 Rules all Moms Must Live By


I have this energy about me that invites people to sit down and spill their life story. It’s like there’s a sign on my forehead that says “talk to me.” I love a good story, especially one with a fascinating twist. Some days though, especially when my mind’s in a daze, I just can’t listen […]

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The Hottest Trade on the Market


Yep y’all…this is my dishwasher. A hot mess huh? I’ve been known to leave one ice cube in the ice tray and not fill it up, which I know completely unnerves some of you. I’ve certainly traded in some chips to retain my sanity. A spotless house being one of them, which makes my mother […]

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Hope or Intuition: Knowing Which One to Follow


The rockiest part of our journey in life is when we find ourselves standing at the intersection of hope and intuition. We hope for a lot of things to come our way–prosperity, a happy family, true love, etc. And as we go about pursuing these things, excited by all of the possibilities, one thing keeps […]

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