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Ever wonder what goes on behind the closed doors of other single moms?

At least once a week I worry that a social worker will appear at my door. Slow down Judge Judy, I’m not a bad parent. Sometimes though I feel like I’m herding alley cats and I lose my sh*t on occasion. I often wonder could I be the only mutant out there? Part mom. Part Poltergeist. So I went looking. SML TV uncovers the sweet, comical, and uncensored stories of single mamas and the heroic acts we pull off on a daily basis. Grab a glass of wine and enjoy!


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A friend of mine recently shared that for her, “the saddest part about being a single mom is that there’s no one else around to witness the sweet and funny moments that you’d like to reminisce about some day with someone.”

I find dinner time to be my greatest challenge as a single mom. As much as I’m entertained by endless rounds of I spy and food wars, sometimes I just wish I had someone to talk to. Someone to ask me how my day was.

I try to remember the importance of “finding wholeness in the now,” as I once heard. Don’t get caught in the when/then conundrum. When I get this, then I’ll be that. The only thing that exists is the present moment.


If all we have is this day, then let’s have candlelit dinners with our little beauties and celebrate WHAT IS.

NO, Really    {   I’m serious    }

For the First Episode of

I’m calling moms from around the world to have candlelit dinner dates with their love bugs.

Perhaps this is more for me than anything. I’ve always wondered if dinner time was as much a circus show in other households, and if anyone else could relate.

So here’s how it will work. Between now and July 15th, pick a special evening for your date, bust out the mac n’ cheese and china, and attempt having a nice dinner with your kids. Capture your special moment on camera (min 3 minutes), and submit your video below.

Here’s the most exciting part!

I first had the idea to do SML TV

I wanted to take a production team into the homes of single moms to explore the many facets of our crazy lives. I found an investor who was willing to fund this entire effort.

I had the genius idea

of making YOU the production team, and using those resources to shower you mama’s with some fabulous treats. So here’s what you could win:

Each month SML is giving away

Something Special to one lucky mom

Here are the 3 easy steps that you must follow for a chance to win:

  • Submit your video below
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