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Are you surrounded daily by people who show or communicate their love for you?

Do you love who you are?

Do you feel deserving of love and adventure in your life?

Do you find yourself operating from a place of fear more than love?

Are you loved and supported unconditionally, without feeling like you have to work for it?


Have you done anything in the past 5 years that made you unusually excited about life?

If you were to die today, would you be satisfied with the life you have lived?

Have you experienced the joy of completing one or many life goals?

Are there things you wish you could change about your life but can’t because you’re too afraid?

Do you find yourself dreading the days, not really wanting to wake up, or engage with people?


Do you have support from your partner, family, or friends with raising your kiddos?

Are you irritable around your children and ready to explode on a daily basis?

Do you stress over giving your children way more than they need?

Do you feel lost in the daily grind of mamahood and wish for an outlet of some sort?

Have you turned down support and help of any kind because you don’t want to “bother anyone?”